Latest project versions are pulled from the Github API where available. Most projects are licensed under open source licenses and are freely available for reuse and contributions.

Personal Projects

Projects I am actively working on. Also check out my Github and the other sections of projects further down the page.



gscreenshot is a simple application for taking screenshots, written in Python and Pygtk.



The core of Heartbeat is designed for asynchronous routing of information from producers (which can be anything) to handlers (which can also be anything). Heartbeat can be used for anything from monitoring a fleet of servers to developing an IoT system. The PubSub architecture in Heartbeat allows the same Heartbeat community to send information to both humans and other computers, without stepping on each others' toes.


Tell Me About Space

A progressive web app that shows a random fact about space every time you visit.



A simple web application (javascript/jquery based) that pulls the current location and shows the weather and local meetup events.

Open Source Involvement



A chat bot that relays messages between group chats on IRC and Telegram. The bot bridges the chat so group members can participate no matter which ecosystem they prefer to use.


Linux Kernel

Submitted a patch that resolved an issue with generating device identifiers in the legacy AMD Lance Ethernet driver.


RIT Linux Users Group

Served two terms as organization president. Work included open-sourcing the club governance process and migrating to a more sustainable leadership model.

Local Interest


A map of RIT's most interesting campus locations. Submitted points of interest and site design help.

Mobile (Cordova)


Official app and server for "The Great Five Boro Bike Tour" in New York City, attended by over 32,000 riders. Contributed code as part of the RIT SE Senior Project course.